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Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate/Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate

November 2,2022
Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate/Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate
  • Period:
  • 2022/3/5 - 2025/3/4
  • Certification bodies:
  • Zhenghe Dingxin International Credit Rating Co., L
Enterprise credit rating certificate is the credit certificate of the enterprise in the operation period, and the evaluation certificate of the third party credit evaluation agency on the comprehensive quality of the enterprise. It directly reflects the overall integrity image of an enterprise, and is also a qualification to guarantee the credibility and influence of the enterprise.

Enterprise credit rating reflects the level of enterprise credit. The higher the credit rating, the better the enterprise's operation status, contract performance and credit record. At present, the credit rating certificate can be divided into the following categories: AAA: the highest level of the certificate, the integrity management demonstration unit. The comprehensive quality of the enterprise is excellent, and its operation, solvency and credit status are relatively excellent. AA: The company has a strong repayment ability and basically has no risk. A: The enterprise has a strong ability to pay interest, but it is easily affected by external uncertainties, but the risk is relatively low. BBB: The enterprise has a certain ability to pay and control risks, and can protect the interests of customers. BB: The credit of the enterprise is not good, and it belongs to speculative grade enterprise. Most of the qualities are normal, with great uncertainty and high risk of default. B: The credit of the enterprise is poor, and the ability of the enterprise to control risks cannot be proved, and the solvency is weak. CCC: The credit of the enterprise is very poor, and it has almost no solvency. CC: Enterprise credit is very bad. Enterprises with grade C and grade D basically have no credit to speak of. Among them, enterprises with grade C are on the verge of default and have very weak ability to repay capital and interest. Enterprises with grade D are in default. In general, there are many benefits of enterprise credit rating, which is not only widely used in the field of bidding, but also in enterprise publicity, foreign contract signing, government procurement plan and so on. Good credit status will give enterprises appropriate bonus points. Therefore, more and more enterprises are dealing with enterprise credit rating certificate, at present, the country is more encouraged and recognized, are the credit report issued by the third party credit service agencies.

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