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what's knife gate valve

what's knife gate valve

June 6,2022
What is a Knife Gate Valve?
A knife gate valve is a shut-off valve, which means that it is used to start and stop the flow through a pipeline. It is mainly used in fluid-based applications and settings, especially those that involve a dense material.
The “knife” blade that is built in the valve uses its sharp edges to cut through tough or sticky material. The valve uses a pressure drop function to achieve this function and stop the flow when required.
This makes sure that the valve’s sealing is not compromised due to the material being stuck between its components. It also ensures that any excess material is not creating any cleanliness issues for your valve.

Where Is It Used?
Due to their specialty against thick liquids, knife gate valves are highly sought after in industries that deal with viscous materials. 
These sectors use knife gate valves for shut-off in processing plants or material transfer systems.
This aspect helps cut maintenance costs and ensures that you do not have to deal with sludge or blockage issues in your valves.
Knife gate valves are specifically useful for those applications that deal with a hard-to-clean material. 
For instance, some materials that regularly utilize knife gate valves include slurry, wastewater, or food items. 
Other settings that involve corrosive materials also use these valves as their primary solution.

Where Can You Get Knife Gate Valves?
A knife gate valve is readily available through credible manufacturers, which use different materials and sizes to have premade valves available for purchase.
These providers can also design these valves for your outlined needs and size specifications if you have particular requirements. 
This detail-oriented approach ensures you can get your required results out of your valves and enjoy long term usage without any added troubles.

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