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Routine maintenance of butterfly valve

Routine maintenance of butterfly valve

June 22,2022
1. Precautions for butterfly valve installation:

Installation environment: Butterfly valves can be used indoors and outdoors, but in corrosive media and rust prone to use the appropriate combination of materials. For special conditions, you can consult the telephone valve.

Equipment location: the equipment must be installed in a safe operating location that is easy to maintain, inspect and repair.

Ambient temperature: -20 ° C to +70 ° C; humidity: less than 90%RH. Before installation, check whether the valve meets the operating requirements and according to the nameplate on the valve. Note: butterfly valve does not have the ability to withstand high pressure difference, do not let the butterfly valve open or continuous circulation on the high pressure difference.

Before installation, please remove dirt and oxide scale and other sundries in the pipe. Note that during installation, the flow of the media should be consistent with the flow arrows.

Align the front and rear piping centers, parallel flange interfaces, evenly lock screws. Please note that pneumatic butterfly valves should not cause excessive piping stress on cylinder control valves. Please fix it on the pipe, or according to the size and weight of the cylinder control valve.

2, maintenance notes:

Inspection: check leakage, abnormal noise, vibration, etc.

Regular inspection: check valve and other system components regularly for leakage, corrosion, blockage and other phenomena, and repair, clean, remove dust, remove residual stains and so on.

Decomposition inspection: the valve should be regularly carried out a decomposition overhaul, decomposition overhaul should be cleaned again parts, remove foreign bodies, stains and rust spots, remove damaged or wear more serious gaskets and packing, correction sealing surface, valve after maintenance should be carried out water pressure test again, qualified rear can be applied again.

When checking the pneumatic butterfly valve, if fluid leakage is found, please do not touch or close to the cylinder control valve.

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