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Flange Butterfly Valves

Flange Butterfly Valves

Flange Butterfly Valves
What is a flanged butterfly valve?

This is a butterfly valve that is designed with flanges on both inlet and outlet faces. A flange is a flat surface that makes a connection between a valve and the pipe very easy and free from leakage.

Butterfly valve flange type has its flanges with holes. The pipe end to be connected to the valve is also designed with a flange and holes of the same size as those on the flanged valve. The valve is secured on the piping system using bolts and nuts. Flanged butterfly valve manufacturers design these valves for flawless and hassle-free performance. These valves are extensively meant for use in heavy-duty applications as they can endure a tough and harsh environment. This valve is meant for shut-off and throttling applications. The working of this valve is based on a quarter turn of the valve closing element which opens and closes fluid flow as necessary. This type of valve can be operated manually or through actuators.
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