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Function and principle of knife gate valve

Function and principle of knife gate valve

Jul 21,2022
Knife gate valve has a shearing function to scrape off the sticky material on the seal face and remove debris automatically. The stainless steel gate prevents the seal from leaking due to corrosion. This article introduces the function and principle of knife gate valve.

Role of knife gate valve, knife gate valve is generally used in the following conditions:

1. Mining, washing coal, iron and steel industry -- used for washing coal pipeline, filter slurry pipeline, ash discharge pipeline;

2. Purification device -- used for waste water, mud, dirt and clarification water with suspended matter;

3. Paper industry -- used for any concentration of pulp, material and water mixture;

4. Power plant ash removal -- used for ash slurry.

Knife gate valve principle introduction

Knife gate valve mainly consists of three parts, respectively knife gate valve control handwheel, valve body outer wall, internal control device. We use knife gate valve mainly by controlling the knife gate valve above the easy to operate handwheel, so that the control device inside the valve body carries on a series of physical movement, and finally forms the valve opening and closing, so that the knife gate valve can work normally and control the pipeline.

Internal structure of knife gate valve is very complex, we turn the knife gate valve handwheel by hand, to make it happen, this can make the knife gate valve affects the inside of the knife gate valve lever and gear, after linkage type of movement, to make the inside of the valve block device is changing rapidly, according to different rotation direction to make knife gate valve opening and closing. And such work can be completed in a very short time, can effectively save time, improve work efficiency.
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