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ISO 9001:2015

Nov 2,2022
ISO 9001:2015
  • Period:
  • Mar 15,2021 - Mar 14,2024
  • Certification bodies:
ISO9001 does not refer to a standard, but a class of standards collectively, is formulated by TC176 (TC176 refers to the quality management system technical committee) of all international standards, is ISO12000 standards in the most popular, the most common products.

ISO9001 quality management system certification standard is many countries, especially developed countries over the years management theory and management practice development summary, it reflects a management philosophy and quality management method and model, has been used by more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

ISO9001 International quality management system standard is so far the world's most mature a set of management systems and standards, is the foundation of enterprise development and growth.

ISO9001 was transformed from the world's first quality management system standard BS 5750 (written by BSI). Iso 9001 is by far the world's most mature quality framework, being used by more than 750,000 organizations in 161 countries/regions. ISO 9001 not only for the quality management system, but also for the overall management system to set the standard. It helps organizations succeed through improvements in customer satisfaction, employee motivation, and continuous improvement.

Entering the 21st century, the pace of information development is accelerating, many enterprises to reconstruct the information to realize the power of their core competitiveness, QIS quality management information system has been fully applied and promoted in the automobile, electronics and other industries, to support the ISO9001 quality management system to provide a platform support, And embedded standard QC seven techniques, TS five manuals, quality management model, make ISO9001 quality management system digitalization possible.

ISO9001 certification

According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in November 2007 released the latest survey results show that by the end of 2006, in 170 countries issued a total of ISO9001:2000 version of the certificate 897866, among which China issued 162259 certificates, 18% of the total issued, ranked first in the world. This shows that the 2000 version of the standard has been widely used, received the attention of many organizations, China has also become a real quality management system certification country.

The characteristics of

The independent third party quality system certification was born in the late 1970s, which evolved from the product quality certification. ISO9001 quality system certification has the following characteristics:

1. The object of certification is the quality system of the supplier. The object of quality system certification is not a product or service of the enterprise, but the quality system itself. Of course, the quality system certification is bound to involve the products or services covered by the system. Some enterprises apply for the certification of the total quality system including all kinds of products or services of the enterprise, and some applications only include the quality system certification of a certain or part of the products (or services). Although involved in the scope of products are large and small, and the object of certification is the quality system of the supplier.

2. Certification is based on quality assurance standards. Quality system certification, often is the supplier in order to provide external quality assurance needs, so the certification basis is the quality assurance model standard. In order to make the quality system certification and international practice to achieve mutual recognition standards, the supplier had better choose ISO9001:2015 standard.

3. The certification body is a third-party quality system evaluation institution. In order to make the supplier quality system certification can have impartiality and credibility, the certification must be with the certified unit (supplier) in the economy has no interest, no administrative affiliation of the third party institutions to bear. In addition to having experienced, well-trained personnel, resources and procedures in line with the requirements, this organization must also win the support of the government and the trust of the society with its excellent certification practice, with authority and impartiality.

4. The identification of certification approval is registration and issuance of certificates. According to the prescribed procedures to apply for certification of the quality system, when the assessment results are judged to be qualified, by the certification authority to the certification enterprise to give registration and issued a certificate, listed in the quality system certification enterprise directory, and publicly released. Approved certification of enterprises, can be used in promotional materials, trade fairs and other promotional activities, but the logo shall not be directly used in the product or its packaging, so as not to be confused with product certification. The registration mark shall be protected by law and shall not be used fraudulently or forged.

5. Certification is the independent behavior of enterprises. Product quality certification, can be divided into two categories of safety certification and quality certification, safety certification is often a mandatory certification. Quality system certification, mainly in order to improve the quality of the enterprise reputation and expand sales, generally enterprises voluntarily, actively put forward the application, is an enterprise independent behavior. But do not apply for certification of enterprises, often by the market naturally formed pressure of distrust or trade barriers pressure, and forced enterprises have to fight for entry into the ranks of certified enterprises, but this is not the certification system or the mandatory role of government decrees.


The ISO 9001 quality management system is suitable for any organization that wants to improve the way it operates and manages, regardless of its size or division. However, to get the best return on investment, the company should be prepared to implement the system throughout the organization, not just within specific sites, departments or divisions.

In addition, ISO 9001 is compatible with other management system standards and specifications, such as OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management system and ISO 14001 Environmental management system. They can be seamlessly integrated through "integration management". They share many common principles, so choosing an integrated management system can bring great economic benefits.

Content of the certificate

Sample ISO9001 certificate in both Chinese and English

Sample ISO9001 certificate in both Chinese and English

The name of the certification body, the name of the certification application unit and the relevant standards approved by the product audit, the validity period of the certificate, the certificate number, the official seal of the certification body, the signature of the person in charge of the certification body, etc.

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