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Abide by contracts and keep promises/quality service integrity enterprise

Nov 2,2022
Abide by contracts and keep promises/quality service integrity enterprise
  • Period:
  • Mar 5,2022 - Mar 4,2025
  • Certification bodies:
  • Zhenghe Dingxin International Credit Rating Co., L
It is a kind of credit certification. Enterprises that declare to honor contracts and keep credit shall meet the following basic conditions:

(1) It has obtained various pre-approvals as required by laws and regulations (referring to various statutory pre-approval procedures or permits), and has obtained relevant certificates and licenses according to law;

(2) having a business site consistent with the scale of its operations;

(3) The company has been in business for more than two fiscal years with no operating loss and good economic benefits;

(4) having a credit management organization, personnel and credit management system conforming to the characteristics of the enterprise;

2. An enterprise that applies for honoring contracts and keeping good faith shall submit the following materials to the administrative department for industry and commerce where the enterprise is domicile:

(1) an application;

(2) a copy of the valid enterprise business license and copies of various types of administrative licenses;

(3) a power of attorney signed by the legal representative (responsible person) of the enterprise to the filing agent;

(4) Registration form of enterprises honoring contracts and keeping promises;

(5) Copies of the enterprise credit (contract) management system, institutions and relevant documents of full-time (part-time) professional credit (contract) management personnel;

(6) enterprise credit information evaluation form;

(7) The Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow statement audited by the accounting firm of the enterprise in the last two years;

(8) In the case of applying for a contract-honoring and trust-keeping enterprise at a higher level, a copy of the certificate of the enterprise that has been recognized as a contract-honoring and trust-keeping enterprise shall be submitted;

(9) other relevant materials required to be submitted by the accrediting authorities.

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